Correctional Services


Prison Devices


LSP Prison Television, Tablets and Radios come with a clear, see-through cabinet that allows a complete view of the entire contents of the set’s interior, including electronic circuitry. Tamper resistant screws help prevent unwanted back panel removal. LSP’s all-clear polycarbonate cabinet systems can address your security and safety issues--without costly and time consuming inspections.

Televisions come with the timing features removed and built-in touch button functionality (menu, channel, source and volume buttons. ATSC/NTSC/ QAM Tuner (Digital Tuner). 16 X 9 aspect ratio with adjustable functionality (normal, cinema, zoom and wide mode). Electronic program guide function. Permanently attached AC power cord, customisable in length. The audio menu allows customised adjustment of bass, treble, balance and surround. Audio/Video input jacks. Closed Caption Capability. Clear cabinet.


  • Security screws
  • No clocks or timers
  • Closed captioning
  • Energy saving LED tech
  • Touch controls
  • V-Chip program control
  • Reinforced RF connector
  • Channel settings
  • Quick channel change

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