Hotels & Resorts

A wide range of technological options are made available to the hotel and resort industry by LSP in order to meet the sector's current needs and demands in terms of connectivity, engagement, messaging, services, and entertainment.

Based on many of our own innovations, LSP has a broad range of professional equipment that enables the creation of sophisticated multimedia environments in hotels and resorts.

LSP hotel solutions include: Smart TV customisation, Tablet Compendium, Digital Signage, Casting, Philips CMND, Guest Wi-Fi Captive Portal, RTLS, Low-Cost Networks (EoC), Food Ordering, Guest Services, Early Check Out, Sonos Audio Control Panel, Remote Monitoring, Reporting and many more...

about us

LSP is a guest and patient-facing technology innovator that connects solutions focused on a better end-to-end experience for guests, patients, employees, managers, owners, and partners.